Archers on International Missions – AIM,  was created to spread the gospel of Christ through archery workshops, speaking and trick shooting. Every people group in the world can relate to the ancient sport of archery, and we plan to use the excitement and focus used in archery to connect it to our walk with God!


About Us

Archery is a universal sport that is growing throughout the world like never before. We want to use the platform of archery to reach those who would normally not be in a setting to hear the Gospel. With its growing numbers, archery can help us make relationships and hopefully allow God to work through us.

This idea is unprecedented in the Christian mission field.  We here at AIM believe that God has inspired this idea to reach the lost.  We are excited to see where God leads us!

Get Involved

We are looking for local and overseas partners to join us in this exciting mission opportunity.  If you, your organization, church or business would like to be a part of AIM, here are three ways:

  1. PRAY! We need prayer warriors to lift us up daily!
  2. JOIN US! We need volunteers locally and internationally!
  3. GIVE! We need funds to achieve our goals! Consider giving monthly or yearly.  We rely on champions like you who see the importance of this ministry!


What others are saying

Thank you Kristy Martin from Blackforest Academy in Germany for inviting and hosting Aim Archers


If  your church or organization would like to partner with AIM to create an archery workshop in your city, please let us know!  We want to hear from you.

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Hendersonville, TN 37075